Creating a Super App

Super had a successful travel and ecommerce business, but wanted to offer more ways for their customers to save money, as well as creating a home for their new fintech product.

The Challenge

Combine three existing apps into one unified solution. Preserve existing business lines while driving conversion to the fintech product. Also, we launch in three months.

My Role

Director of Product Design
Leading a team of 12 designers and researchers.

The ideal customer experience

Super made money through organic traffic discovering their travel and shop sites. The hope was to steer shoppers into downloading an app that contained more value and a hook to the new fintech offering.

Three different apps

Super's travel offering was already available in the app store. Their shop was a web-based ecommerce platform. The fintech offering was a newly created standalone app.

By consolidating the apps, the company hoped to create a new app called Super - an all in one solution for people looking to save money.

Launching the MVP

Each designer on my team was responsible for a section of the new app. For MVP, we incorporated the fintech and ecommerce offerings into the homepage of the existing travel app, and applied the new "Super" branding throughout.

The end result was fairly basic, but we achieved our goal of launching quickly and ensuring that travel revenue would be relatively unaffected by the changes. We made a committment to learn from our user base and make continuous improvements.

Creating the design system

Reorganizing the app and adopting a new brand identity gave us the perfect opportunity to create a design system that harmonized styling and components across the UX.

We created a time-boxed team of designers and engineers to establish the design system in Figma and Storybook, then roll out the new components across the Super App.

Scoring the Experience

Through unmoderated user testing - we sought to understand how users were navigating our app and have them grade us based on a system usability scale. As we suspected, our initial MVP scored poorly.

Recommendations to improve

The test recordings revealed a lot of key usability issues and points of confusion for our users.

We seek a KR to improve the score and began issuing recommendations to gradually overhaul the app.

Solution #1: Give cash its own space

An early compromise made our new fintech offering the primary component of the home page, but this was confusing to users and did not allow room to expand.

This move gave us more real estate to explain the features of the Super Cash product and increase signups and daily transactions.

Solution #2: Clarify Rewards

Over the years Super had added many different types of rewards, credits and bonuses. First time users were confused of how to navigate this section.

A rewrite of our rewards structure was in order. Iteration and testing helped create a new experience that users found clear and accessible.

Solution #3: Personalized Homepage

During our tests, many users struggled to find all the app had to offer as many benefits were buried far down the old, static homepage.

Incorporating a browse section and using data profiles to prioritize information created a more navigable experience.

From 'ok' to 'excellent'

We continued to run our test as we rolled out changes. After one quarter we had logged a jump to 62.14 and after a second quarter we had reached 79.89.

There is still room for improvement, but I'm immensely proud of my team for driving such positive change.